When Skelly & Loy, Inc anticipated a staff shortage due to an extended maternity leave, they turned to Stacey & Associates to help. Specifically, they needed assistance with marketing proposals to support their municipal, Federal and Maryland business development efforts. A privately owned, mid-sized corporation with 6 Mid-Atlantic offices, Skelly & Loy provides a myriad of professional engineering and environmental services to various public and private sector clients throughout the United States and abroad.
Given the short duration and specific expertise needed, Stacey & Associates staff were exceptionally well qualified to step in and immediately assist. Such service would have been difficult to secure from traditional staffing agencies. Working as part of their Marketing Department, we provided:
  • Coordinated with marketing, business development and technical staff to assess project opportunities in preparation of submitting qualifications and proposals;
  • Coordinated with Prime proposers and/or sub-consultants to ascertain their needs;
  • Attended internal or external pre-proposal or other meetings as needed;
  • Compiled marketing collateral materials including, but not limited to: firm qualifications, project profiles and resumes;
  • Assembled qualification packages;
  • Designed and produced professional service proposals.
Services were performed as-needed, on-demand, on-site and remotely with the expectation that it could be as few as 2 or as many as 40+ hours per week, based on solicitation demands.

What Clients Are Saying:

  • "Stacey & Associates provided part time, temporary help on market-specific proposals during a staff member's extended leave of absence. They hit the ground running as an adjunct member of our staff working within our processes and software immediately.  Stacey & Associates worked with our project engineers, sub-consultants and other marketing staff from the Go/No Go process through team development and proposal production."

    - JACQUE FOSTER | Marketing Supervisor | Skelly & Loy, Inc.

Services Provided

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