Crystal Danner
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What started as a quick-turnaround-consulting project with Stacey & Associates has developed into an important role with the firm. Crystal leads Market Research and provides S&A clients with both intelligence on their competitive market position as well as valuable information about their prospective client's capital project plans. She also currently serves as the CRM administrator for Stacey & Associates overseeing data captures, reporting and lead tracking.

In addition to keeping S&A clients informed and organized, Crystal draws on 15 years of experience in marketing and proposal development. She supports business development efforts for various government, private industry and institutional stakeholders. She has successfully assisted architecture, engineering and construction firms with their expansions into new market sectors, new service offerings and new regions. 

Meet Crystal:

  • "I'd like to figure out a way to make money by playing volleyball."

  • "If money were no object, I'd spend my time exploring new places and volunteering in ways that improve my community."

  • "My hidden talent is not forgetting how to speak French."

  • "My favorite book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck."

  • "My guilty pleasure is Gruyère cheese and orange-infused chocolate."

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